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New conception of the design and construction process

IDP works in all its areas of performance by BIM (Building Information Modelling).


BIM is a work methodology, supported in different specialized softwares for the production and project management, which allows to design, to project, to organize and to direct a digital work construction, integrating all the information in a parametrized, complete, unique and centralized model that shares all the participating agents that will take part during all the buildings life cycle, infrastructure, etc.; from the conceptual design to the maintainance during its useful life. This digital model allows the integration of up to 7 dimensions – the 3 physic ones, the temporary planning (4th D), the cost-budget (5th D), energetic and sustainability analysis (6th D) and the Facility Management systems integration (7th D) – speeding up the decision time and erasing mistakes thanks to a global knowledge of the project through the model.


BIM technology allows several professionals work simultaneously on the same model no matter where they are located (OPEN BIM system) in all our work centers, existing traceability of all made changes.






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