BIM Facility Management for asset management, operational optimisation and decarbonisation

BIM Facility Management for asset management, operational optimisation and decarbonisation

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and efficiency, asset management has become a fundamental pillar for organisations. In this context, BIM Facility Management emerges as a revolutionary solution to efficiently inventory the geometric and parametric data of assets, building databases and applications that allow to effectively integrate this data.


The main objective of BIM Facility Management is twofold: to optimise the life cycle of assets and to contribute to decarbonisation. How do we achieve this?

  • Optimising the entire asset lifecycle: This approach spans from design and construction through to the operation and maintenance phase of the assets. The implementation of BIM Facility Management enables more efficient management, reducing costs and improving productivity at all stages of the lifecycle.
  • Decarbonising the asset life cycle: In a world concerned about the carbon footprint, BIM Facility Management contributes to CO2 reduction by making resource consumption more efficient and reducing waste. This translates into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly operation.


Our services are structured in three categories, which can be contracted independently of each other.

  • Consultancy: Strategic consultancy for the advice and audit of management systems used by our clients.
    • DDBB Audit Facility Managment: Analysis of DDBB through interactive dashboards that allow the structure and nature of the information to be audited.
    • Facility Management Strategy: Definition of strategy and measures to be implemented around the Facility Management databases.
  • Digitisation: Digitisation of Assets or Spaces to define a digital base on which to integrate the different solutions.
    • Surveying of spaces: Volumetric and parametric survey of spaces from 2D plans.
    • Asset survey: Geometric and parametric asset survey.
  • Development: Development of web applications to centralise the consumption of information from a single platform.
    • Visualisation of the environment: Digital support that centralises the visualisation and consultation of BIM models.
    • BBDD linking: Linking of external BBDD (SharePoint, CMMS, Cadastre, Sensors, etc…) with BIM Viewer.
    • BBDD Edition: Virtual Assistant (BIM-VA) for the modification of FM BBDD that centralises the edition of information from the same digital support.

BIM Facility Management is a strategic ally in asset management, providing efficiency, sustainability and a global vision of your assets.

Don’t miss the opportunity to optimise your assets, reduce your carbon footprint and make the leap to smart management with our BIM Facility Management service. Let’s talk today and find out how we can transform your business!