BIM interface for data management in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

BIM interface for data management in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management information system that integrates and manages many of the businesses associated with production operations and distribution aspects of a company in the production of goods or services.

ERP systems facilitate workflow tracking across multiple departments and reduce the operational costs involved in manual tracking and data duplication.

User participation is very important for the successful implementation of ERP projects – therefore, comprehensive user training and user interface can be critical because ERP systems are generally difficult to learn (and use).

In order to make ERP data interaction with users easier and to speed up the data exploitation curve, IDP has developed a friendly BIM interface that allows you to view, filter and modify the data that this System manages.

For this purpose, the first step was to produce 3D models of the main IDP headquarters – Sabadell, Florianópolis, Lima and Santiago de Chile – using BIM editing software.


Each of these models has the different jobs identified with a code, which will be the one linking it with all the information that the ERP manages.

This link materializes through a web and mobile application that allows the exploitation of this data. It should be noted that the application is not a substitute for ERP, but rather it is the spatial graphic interface of the data it stores and computes.

This application has successfully enabled, in record time, that different levels of users access the data, from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection, from your computer or mobile phone.