BIM Facility Management for asset management, operational optimisation and decarbonisation

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and efficiency, asset management has become a fundamental pillar for organisations. In this context, BIM Facility Management emerges as a revolutionary solution to efficiently inventory the geometric and parametric data of assets, building databases and applications that allow to effectively integrate this data. OPTIMISATION IN ALL ASSET LIFECYCLES […]


Government approves BIM plan for public procurement to improve spending efficiency

Yesterday, 27 June 2023, the Council of Ministers approved the Plan for the incorporation of the BIM methodology in public construction contracts of the General State Administration (AGE) and the state public sector between 2024 and 2030. The use of BIM in public procurement pursues a twofold objective: to improve the efficiency of public spending […]

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The digital twins applied to Data Centers

Data centers are critical systems whose real-time operation is extremely sophisticated. Our dependence on these systems is increasing and any disruption can affect the lives of millions of people. Increasingly, these physical systems are supported by digital systems that make it possible to reinforce operation and maintenance capacities through virtual representations that make it possible […]


Industries 360º transformation “Industry 5.0”

We help our clients to transform their industries 360º, focusing on the RESILIENCE of the facilities, through their PROCESSES, on their ENERGY needs with a DECARBONIZATION vision, and on their DIGITALIZATION to monitor and learn from their operation. Industrial sectors are today under great pressure from many fronts, the following being some of the main […]


Digital Twin for digital and green transformation of the energy and telecommunications sectors

Digital and ecological transformation is the key to the competitiveness of companies and has become a process for implementing important changes such as access to information, new forms of collaborative work, and all of this with the aim of optimizing operations and sustainability by taking advantage of data management. In the Energy and Telecommunications sectors, […]


Where to start in my Digitization?

The first is the first. Gartner, in 2022, in his report, notes that “50% of CEOs and 69% of boards of directors demand an accelerated growth and operational excellence”. In the same report, also points out that companies that adopt excellence in their operations: a)Corporate profitability 2’8 times higher, b) Operating efficiency 1’7 times higher… […]

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Using the Digital Twin to drive sustainability

Almost half a century has passed since the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1972, where the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set up in 1988 and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was created in 1992, with the aim of […]


BIM Starter kit start the digital transformation of your assets with BIM support in your administration department

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology has meant a paradigm shift in asset management, in all its phases from design and construction to operation, being essential to optimize efficiency and not lose competitiveness. Digitization involves a transformation of the way of projecting, designing, operating and maintaining the assets of an organization, providing multiple benefits that […]


Achieve greater efficiency and savings by digitising your assets

According to the most relevant analysts in the market, Digitalisation is the key to a major leap in digital strategy and the guarantee of achieving efficiencies within asset management: 32% of Spanish industrial companies are in an advanced state of 76% of executives intend to increase their investments in digitisation and implement more Industry 4.0 […]


Digitalization as a key factor in advancing towards sustainability and compliance with the SDG

At this time of major environmental changes, the companies that will lead these changes will be those that, based on DIGITALIZATION, develop new capabilities based on information derived from key data. In this way, they will be able to advance in the objectives of SUSTAINABILITY, such as managing their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, […]


GIM already has a Digital-BIM Twin

Together with TCMAN we have brought BIM to facility management through the DTWIN digital twins integrated in GIM. We have established a partnership in which two market-leading tools have been integrated: GIM, which is TCMAN’s prestigious and widespread CMMS, and DTWIN, which is our innovative BIM Digital Twin platform. BIM methodology is increasingly being used […]

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IDP’s support to obtain Next Generation EU Funds

DIGITIZATION AND SUSTAINABILITY: IDP PROVIDES DIGITAL TWIN SOLUTIONS TO IMPLEMENT BOTH THE ASSET DIGITIZATION AXIS AND THE EVALUATION AND SIMULATION OF SUSTAINABILITY SCENARIOS. What are the Next Generation EU funds?  Next Generation EU is a European Recovery Fund that will involve an investment of 750 billion euros, between loans and transfers during the period 2021 […]


Opt with IDP for the Next Generation EU Funds. plan for the recovery, transformation and resilience of the spanish economy

The current unprecedented crisis situation, caused by COVID-19, is completely changing the foundations of the world economy. Given this situation, and to help alleviate the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic, the European Commission has promoted the creation of several funding programs including the EU Next Generation Fund. Next Generation EU is a […]

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Digital Twin: A tool for the new normality

The new situation, with the need to adapt our operations and our entire organization to a coexistence with COVID-19 sets us some important challenges. The environmental conditions can change quickly and considerably in the event of an upsurge or any impact on personnel in our organization. Additionally, until there is a vaccine against COVID-19 we […]


Consulting Covid-19

Manage a new reality with a vision The situation we are going through because of the Covid-19 pandemic is testing the resilience of all systems and companies, which have to manage their activity in a new reality under great pressure. The top priority for institutions and companies is to guarantee the safety and health of […]


Challenges in the implementation of the digital work digital construction management

DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT We are in the middle of a digital era and in the construction sector the implementation of digitalization is a great challenge. The use of BIM methodology, with integrated planning and budgeting tools, and common data environments is becoming more and more widespread in the design phase. However, when we reach the […]

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The value of digital in exceptional situations

The current situation, with the need to limit the movement of people to avoid risks of contagion, means that the operations of many infrastructures and assets can be very negatively affected. Either because of the difficulty of moving people, or because of the complexity of ensuring adequate health measures, or in the worst case because […]


Digital Twin to transform waste management

The waste management and treatment sector is undergoing a natural evolution in which innovation and new technologies are playing a fundamental role. The recovery of materials present in the waste that is carried out in the waste selection and treatment plants is fundamental to consolidate the model of Circular Economy and it is necessary that […]


Digital Twin Building: How to transfer digital twins to the AECOO sector

In the last decade, the construction sector has made great efforts to digitise its processes and has experienced an unprecedented evolution, great advances emerging which have boosted the sector. One of these advances has been the implementation of BIM methodology worldwide, which has recently reached an important milestone with the creation of the international standard […]


The Digital Twin for digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry

The digital revolution has impacted all areas of our society and is rapidly changing the needs of individuals and businesses and, with them, the economic and industrial reality known to date. This scenario poses new opportunities in all areas, however, digital penetration in the pharmaceutical sector is lower compared to other sectors. The pharmaceutical industry […]


Digital Construction Management: Implementation of the digital construction

We are in the middle of a digital era and the implementation of digitalization is a great challenge in the construction sector. The use of BIM methodology with integrated planning and budgeting tools is increasingly widespread in the early stages of design. However, when we reach the construction stage, we find new needs that are […]


We install Iot to get real-time information on your assets and integrate them into the Digital Twin

The IoT teams are incorporated to optimize the processes of collecting information from the teams of your assets, extracting data automatically and redirecting them to their Digital Twin located in the Cloud. The data collected is stored and enables processes to evolve and adapt assets, obtaining and comparing similar situations, allowing you to plan better […]

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We build the Digital Twin of your assets for the optimisation of operation and maintenance processes

The Digital Twin is an accurate representation of the physical asset, both at data and geometry levels, which incorporates data of the asset’s real behaviour from sensors’ information and different operation and maintenance databases. Thus, the Digital Twin becomes a tool that can simulate future behaviour and, therefore, allowing a more effective management of these […]

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3D Laser scanner for point cloud surveying

The 3D laser scanner is the best tool to improve the quality and speed in the processes of digitalization of assets, whether industries, buildings or infrastructure. Today, the laser scanner is the most appropriate technology for the task of producing, at a commercially viable cost, a precise basis for modeling the built environment, being the […]

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Integration of the circular economy

The circular economy is a sustainable development strategy that has been proposed to address problems of environmental degradation and scarcity of resources. Its three principles are the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials. These principles propose a circular system where all materials are recycled, all energy is obtained from renewable sources, the reconstruction of ecosystems […]


Laser scanning for the digitalization of assets

The survey of the point cloud consists of a laser scan that allows us to quickly, accurately and in high definition capture 3D data in the form of a point cloud that will help us create a parametric 3D BIM model, creating a precise basis for the subsequent modeling of the built environment. Our goal […]