PERTE Industrial Decarbonization – Integral action support for the decarbonization of manufacturing industry

The draft Order establishing the regulatory bases for aid for integrated action for the decarbonization of the manufacturing industry as part of the PERTE for Industrial Decarbonization within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan has been published, with an early call for applications for 2024. This regulation articulates the first of the […]


Industries 360º transformation “Industry 5.0”

We help our clients to transform their industries 360º, focusing on the RESILIENCE of the facilities, through their PROCESSES, on their ENERGY needs with a DECARBONIZATION vision, and on their DIGITALIZATION to monitor and learn from their operation. Industrial sectors are today under great pressure from many fronts, the following being some of the main […]

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IDP’s support to obtain Next Generation EU Funds

DIGITIZATION AND SUSTAINABILITY: IDP PROVIDES DIGITAL TWIN SOLUTIONS TO IMPLEMENT BOTH THE ASSET DIGITIZATION AXIS AND THE EVALUATION AND SIMULATION OF SUSTAINABILITY SCENARIOS. What are the Next Generation EU funds?  Next Generation EU is a European Recovery Fund that will involve an investment of 750 billion euros, between loans and transfers during the period 2021 […]


Opt with IDP for the Next Generation EU Funds. plan for the recovery, transformation and resilience of the spanish economy

The current unprecedented crisis situation, caused by COVID-19, is completely changing the foundations of the world economy. Given this situation, and to help alleviate the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic, the European Commission has promoted the creation of several funding programs including the EU Next Generation Fund. Next Generation EU is a […]


Consulting Covid-19

Manage a new reality with a vision The situation we are going through because of the Covid-19 pandemic is testing the resilience of all systems and companies, which have to manage their activity in a new reality under great pressure. The top priority for institutions and companies is to guarantee the safety and health of […]

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The value of digital in exceptional situations

The current situation, with the need to limit the movement of people to avoid risks of contagion, means that the operations of many infrastructures and assets can be very negatively affected. Either because of the difficulty of moving people, or because of the complexity of ensuring adequate health measures, or in the worst case because […]


We install Iot to get real-time information on your assets and integrate them into the Digital Twin

The IoT teams are incorporated to optimize the processes of collecting information from the teams of your assets, extracting data automatically and redirecting them to their Digital Twin located in the Cloud. The data collected is stored and enables processes to evolve and adapt assets, obtaining and comparing similar situations, allowing you to plan better […]


BIM interface for data management in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management information system that integrates and manages many of the businesses associated with production operations and distribution aspects of a company in the production of goods or services. ERP systems facilitate workflow tracking across multiple departments and reduce the operational costs involved in manual tracking and data duplication. […]


IDP implants a BIM Modelling standardization for ITS MEP REVIT users

The necessity of an intern standardization comes directly from the requirements of working with BIM methodology in an international company like the IDP Group, composed by multiple offices in different countries. In this frame, in order to guarantee success and obtain quality models, it is necessary that all the modelers work on an organized way […]