Annual monitoring meeting of the EU R&D project “METGROW+”

Annual monitoring meeting of the EU R&D project “METGROW+”

On February 21st-23rd, IDP organized the third work meeting of the METGROW+ project in Barcelona, which was attended by about 40 research technicians from different specialties.

The Metgrow+ European project is under the research and development programme Horizon 2020 for new metallurgical systems (SC5-11e-2015) which aims to develop new innovative metallurgical technologies to allow flexible, profitable and sustainable designs in the valorisation of low law metals both from primary  and secondary resources.

It has a budget of US$ 8.7 million and it is coordinated by the Finnish Tutkimuskeskus Teknologian VTT technological centre and counts with the participation of companies, research centres and international universities from Belgium, Spain, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Poland and France. In this project, IDP participates leading the waste mineral matrix valorisation work package.  

During the first year of the project’s follow-up, the Consortium has tested low-grade metal pre-treatment and extraction techniques from land and landfills. IDP, along with companies of the sector, will establish during the following project years the possibilities of valorisation of the resulting residual materials as a binder for different production processes. Among the works to be developed is the writing of business plans and benchmarking for the different studied techniques.

IDP reinforces its R&D line by developing in recent years several research projects financed by the EU, such as the IPAN-Innovative Popular Low Density Structural Panel project, the DOF-District of the Future project, the Intermodel Eu and the Hermes projects, also financed by the Horizon 2020 Project.