Iberdrola selects Ecointegral-Grupo IDP to develop its network of vehicle recharging points

Iberdrola selects Ecointegral-Grupo IDP to develop its network of vehicle recharging points

IBERDROLA’s ambitious project for the deployment of a network of 150,000 Electric Vehicle charging points in Spain, only at charging points owned by the utility, which will be completed by additional points developed for its private, industrial and public sector customers.

ECOINTEGRAL, after its recent integration with IDP, leader in the development of advanced engineering projects using BIM technology, is materialising the synergies derived from the configuration of the new group with a greater territorial scope and, through its Renewable Energies, e-mobility and energy efficiency division, has reached an agreement with the Iberdrola group to develop engineering services in medium and low voltage associated with the installation and commissioning of points of the new electric vehicle charging network.

In the words of Mr. Juan Ramón Mateos, President of ECOINTEGRAL, “We are especially proud to have gained the confidence of IBERDROLA in this ambitious project, because it allows us, in a way, to advance in our strategic contribution to the process of decarbonisation of the energy and transport sectors”.

In this sense, ECOINTEGRAL continues to expand and optimise its activities in its electricity transmission and distribution division, supporting the extension, reinforcement and improvement of the distribution network in various geographical areas in Spain, a key aspect so that the commitment of climate neutrality in 2050 (Green Deal) that the EU countries have signed up to can be achieved.

Mr. Juan Ramón Mateos concludes: “ECOINTEGRAL continues to consolidate the line of growth initiated 4 years ago while implementing an ambitious programme of competence training and a career model at all levels that ensures an optimal positioning to face the new challenges that our clients propose to us every day”.