IDP awards the project of investigation I-PAN of the EU

IDP  awards the project of investigation I-PAN of the EU

Once again IDP obtains the international recognition in environmental area being awarded with the development of the investigation project baptized as ” I-PAN. Innovative Poplar Low Density Structural Panel ” in the frame of ” 7th Environment and Climate Change Program ” of the European Union, for an amount of 2.995.000.-€ that supposes 72,3 % of the total investment of the project (4.144.075.-€).

The project has been granted to an international consortium integrated by 7 companies of 5 nationalities (STELA LAXHUBER of Germany; IMAL, IBL and CIAOTECH of Italy; S.C. DIMECO of Romania, CHIMAR HELLAS of Greece; and IDP of Spain), in collaboration with two public institutions as the Foundation for the Progress of the Soft Computing and the University of Milan.

The project’s aim is to design and construct a machine capable of producing light conglomerates of wood, using recycled wood and treetops that are normally is rejected, optimizing the energetic costs, minimizing the use of adhesives and providing with structural properties to a suitable eco-panel for all kinds of constructions with a minimal environmental impact.

Each of the participants will lead an equipment of work in a specific phase of the project, in concrete IDP it will contribute with his knowledge and experience in the implementation of industrial solutions derived from the management and waste treatment values, logistics of the industrial production, automation and instrumentation, and energy efficiency.