IDP completes construction management of Sesrovires Industrial Estate (Barcelona)

IDP completes construction management of Sesrovires Industrial Estate (Barcelona)

IDP has completed the project management and health and safety coordination of the works for the urbanization of the Sesrovies industrial park in Sant Esteve Sesrovies (Barcelona), developed entirely through the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology, which allows to achieve a global knowledge and management of the project in all its phases: drafting, execution, maintenance.

The estate has a total of 43.7 hectares of buildable land and houses large facilities for logistical and industrial use that contribute to the reindustrialization of the region.

The works defined in the urbanization project of the Sesrovires industrial estate present a series of special conditions as they are a re-urbanization in a sector that has been practically 100% consolidated for years and that have been considered by the agents of the work to achieve the following objectives:

  • Control and optimization of the cost of urbanization.
  • Quality assurance of the works carried out.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Compliance with established planning.
  • Minimize the impact of the works on the industrial and logistic activity of the sector.

The proposal applied by IDP to achieve and guarantee the objectives in terms of planning, cost and quality, as well as the identification and assessment of the use of previously executed works according to the Reparcelling Project, is included in an Integrated Construction Management System based on the BIM methodology by means of which we transform and digitize the construction processes, integrating all the data in the control platform, with real time access to the work data.

This approach is part of IDP’s Digital Construction Management proposal, which includes this BIM methodology for works management along with a platform environment of CDE (Common Data Environment), Digital Twin, Project Monitoring, Budget Monitoring and IoT (Sensors, cameras, …) to perform a fully digital management of works and facilities, thus achieving a better and more efficient works management and an as-built that reflects the historical reality of the facility that is extremely useful for the operation and maintenance of the work and its facilities.