IDP participates in the 7th annual meeting of engineering and mobility IGENIUM’18

IDP participates in the 7th annual meeting of engineering and mobility IGENIUM’18

IDP participated in the 7th edition of iGenium’18, the annual meeting of engineering companies, held on 23 October at the College of Civil Engineers of Catalonia and organised by INEC Institut d’Enginyers de Catalunya.

The aim of iGenium is to make relevant engineering projects known and to open transversal spaces for knowledge and debate on the role of engineering in solving the most current problems.

In this edition, focused on Engineering and Mobility, has participated an outstanding selection of experts in the sector, gathered to discuss mobility in 3 areas: infrastructure, intelligent cities and mobility in the territory. The most relevant projects in these fields have been presented and the application of engineering in the mobility of people and goods in an efficient and sustainable way and the developments and new models that this entails has been debated.

Mikel Borras, R+D Deputy Project Manager of the IDP Group took part in the infrastructure session with his speech “Sustainable goods transport equipment. The European Research and Development projects Hermes and Intermodel. Both projects are part of the Horizon 2020 research and development programme.

As part of the Hermes project, a study has been carried out to optimise the design and manufacture of a new freight train wagon equipped with monitoring systems and which uses new materials and coatings in order to increase the load factor.

The aim of the INTERMODEL project is to develop a methodology and ICT tools to enable advanced simulation of models of intermodal railway logistics platforms in order to support tasks related to the design and operational phases.