IDP presents the conference “Digital Twins and IoT” at the Smart Port: Piers of the Future in Barcelona

IDP presents the conference “Digital Twins and IoT” at the Smart Port: Piers of the Future in Barcelona

Eduard Loscos, R&D Manager at IDP, will present the conference “DIGITAL TWINS AND IOT, ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT TOOLS AND TERMINALS TO TAKE MARITIME DOORS TO THE DIGITAL ERA – THE CASE OF THE AQUIFER OF THE PORT OF BARCELONA” at the Smart Port: Piers of the Future event on 19 November at 16:55.

The Smart Ports: Piers of the Future will be held at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 from 19 to 21 November in Barcelona. It is an initiative carried out by the ports of Antwerp, Barcelona, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Montreal and Rotterdam that have joined to show the world their most innovative projects in environmental, social and economic sustainability, as well as digitization and mobility.

Technologies such as big data, automation and artificial intelligence, as well as new values such as transparency and collaboration, are driving profound changes in all areas of the economy. In this context, the notion of Smart Port has been created to provide a more open and efficient model for port and logistics processes, in line with these values.

The digital twins and the IoT are ready to help Port Authorities to increase the competitiveness of ports in the field of industry 4.0, sustainability and smart cities. To meet these challenges, the port industry must reduce the cost of information management (acquisition, processing, standardization, exchange, storage and visualization). It must also be concerned with providing evidence of the “quality” of the services offered and decision-making processes, which may be more valuable to users when they support the impact of economic development on the enterprise and the region.

The dual paradigm of digital twins allows dynamic monitoring of the conditions and performance of critical assets such as ports. This means that Port Administrations will be able to verify, share and improve the assumptions about the estimates that are calculated to maintain the standards of competitiveness and environmental quality and their relationship with their port community, its users and society.

During the session, the success case of the implementation of the Digital Twin for the Environmental Control of the Aquifer in the southern area of the Port of Barcelona and the R&D project Intermodel, funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Horizon 2020 – GA 824306 programme, will be presented.

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