The 0ACCIDNTES project has been awarded as the Best National Innovation Project 2023

The 0ACCIDNTES project has been awarded as the Best National Innovation Project 2023

The 0ACCIDNTES project (INVESTIGACIÓN DE NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS PARA LA SEGURIDAD Y SALUD EN LA CONSTRUCCIÓN CON “0 ACCIDENTES”) has been awarded as the Best National Innovation Project 2023, in the first edition of the award organised by the Construction Technology Platform (PTEC).

During the 2023 Annual Assembly of PETEC, the ceremony was held to present the 1st Award for the best national project of PTEC members, an award organised in collaboration with Tecnalia. This award went to the 0ACCIDNTES project.

0ACCIDNTES has developed a comprehensive ecosystem for real-time monitoring and prediction of dangerous situations for the health and safety of construction personnel. This has been achieved through research that allows the collection, interpretation, digitalisation and intelligent and automatic management of the information generated in different construction environments, based on state-of-the-art sensors, autonomous robotic systems, cybersafe connectivity ecosystems and various elements of artificial intelligence.

IDP’s participation in the project included the design of the digital cognitive twin and the comprehensive platform based on geolocated BIM models and methodology (GeoBIM). The consortium is led by FCC Construcción with the participation of other business partners such as BECSA, FRACTALIA, METALICAS PLÁSTICAS JAR, ALISYS, LIS DATA SOLUTIONS and SIGNE. It also has the collaboration of the technology centres ITAINNOVA, CETIM and AIMPLAS, as well as the collaboration of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC) and INCOTEC as an external R&D&I consultant. It has been funded by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) through the Programa Estratégico CIEN.

The criteria for the awarding of this prize have focused on two fundamental aspects. Firstly, in terms of technological excellence, the clarity and relevance of the project’s objectives were assessed, as well as the degree of ambition shown in going beyond the current state of the art. Moreover, in terms of their impact on the sector, the potential of the results to achieve positive social and environmental impacts in the sector has been assessed.