The Hermes project consortium organises a workshop in Railgrup

The Hermes project consortium organises a workshop in Railgrup

The Hermes project consortium, formed by ICL, Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat (FGC), Manresa Technology Center Foundation (CTM), the European universities Lulea Tekniska and Arminia, Kiruna Wagon, Hempel, SSAB Tunnplaet and IDP, organizes a workshop at the headquarters of Railgrup in Barcelona that will take place next March 22.

The objective of the workshop is to analyse the needs of customers and the inflexibilities that can be faced with this project, boosting modal shift and increasing the share of rail transport. In this way we can know the opportunities in international transport and see if there is a market niche for innovations resulting from Hermes.

The Hermes European research and development project that aims to optimise the design for the manufacturing of a new freight train wagon that will also use new materials and coatings to increase the load factor and which will also be equipped with monitoring systems. The wagon manufactured in Sweden has been transported to Barcelona for the validation process, as well as for its sensorisation, in view of a future incorporation into the European railway network, facilitating its access into the Mediterranean Corridor and allowing the transfer of more tons of product between the mines of Súria and Sallent, located in the province of Barcelona, and the Port of Barcelona, all with a lower logistical cost.

At the same time, a product loading and unloading facility has been designed to improve the transport of bulk goods and increase the competitiveness and efficiency of logistics in the sector.

The role of IDP consists in the implementation of ICT solutions in the design of the logistics infrastructure, for which it has developed a monitoring system that allows the registration of logistics, maintenance and energy consumption parameters, and has used BIM technology “Building Information Modeling” for the design and planning of the wagon and the loading and unloading stations.

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