Work on the new bonÀrea Agri-Food Park in Épila (Zaragoza) is progressing at a good pace

Work on the new bonÀrea Agri-Food Park in Épila (Zaragoza) is progressing at a good pace

The Group bonÀrea Agrupa is developing its second food platform in the town of Épila, Zaragoza, which will allow it to supply the bonÀrea stores in Aragon and to grow towards Navarra and the North, Madrid, Central and Levante regions.

The first phase of the project was recently completed with the movement of 3.5 million cubic meters of earth, smoothing an existing slope of up to 38 meters along its more than 3 km in length and 450 meters in average width. A 3.5 km subway gallery has also been built, which runs longitudinally through the entire site, as well as the main sewage system.

The services provided by IDP consisted in the development of the construction project of the urbanization using the BIM methodology, designing the roads, infrastructures, and services necessary to allow the development and the activity that will be generated as a result of the implementation of the new park.

The BonÀrea Agri-Food Park will occupy an area of 180 hectares and will have 5.6 km of main road and 500 m of secondary roads with the same roadway section. Regarding the sewage and services network, 11.3 km of wastewater network, 9 km of rainwater network, 21 km of independent water networks (drinking water, osmosis water from the complex’s own DWTP, water recovered from the complex’s own WWTP and water from wells), 23 km of medium voltage network, 40 km of low voltage network, 35 km of telecommunications network, 6.3 km of natural gas network and 6.6 km of main drip irrigation network with 40 km of secondary network have been planned.

bonÀrea Agrupa, with activity since 1959, is positioned as the first agri-food company in the country and has a wide experience in the sector, developing all the livestock, industrial and commercial activities necessary to reach the consumer without intermediaries.

The IDP Engineering Group consolidates its experience in the development of urbanization projects having completed multiple national and international projects, such as the urbanization of Can Margarit in Sant Esteve de Sesrovies (Barcelona) with 64.56 ha, the new Ciudad Olmos in Peru with 734 ha, the industrial-tertiary sector Can Montcau-Mango in Lliça d’Amunt (Barcelona) with 78.23 ha, the industrial parks of Ilo and La Libertad in Peru with 161.94 ha and 106 ha, respectively, etc…