Digital Construction Management: Implementation of the digital construction

Digital Construction Management: Implementation of the digital construction

We are in the middle of a digital era and the implementation of digitalization is a great challenge in the construction sector.

The use of BIM methodology with integrated planning and budgeting tools is increasingly widespread in the early stages of design. However, when we reach the construction stage, we find new needs that are not always solved:

  • Need to integrate the contract with the BIM model
  • Having a common cloud repository
  • Transforming the communications of emails and minutes to new communications integrated with the model
  • Different BIM models appear that are not always complementary
  • Need for a model integration manager
  • Improved monitoring of BIM procedures on site
  • New actors appear in the construction site who are not always experts in BIM
  • Little or no sensorisation on site

To do this, just as we have tools to monitor and control the safety on site, or infrastructures for the construction as booths or safety measures, we now need to incorporate construction digital monitoring systems consisting in the DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT.

Our methodology consists in implementing a tool such as the Construction Control Center, which integrates the data from all the market tools required for the monitoring of such construction:

In this way we transform and digitize the construction processes, integrating all the data in the control platform, with collaborative access in real time to the data of the work and the sensorization, with traceability by means of smartcontract from the signature of the contract to the as-built, and that already is integrable with the phases of operation and maintenance.