Digital Twin for digital and green transformation of the energy and telecommunications sectors

Digital Twin for digital and green transformation of the energy and telecommunications sectors

Digital and ecological transformation is the key to the competitiveness of companies and has become a process for implementing important changes such as access to information, new forms of collaborative work, and all of this with the aim of optimizing operations and sustainability by taking advantage of data management.

In the Energy and Telecommunications sectors, we are facing new challenges and great challenges where new technologies have become an essential ally and are being used, for example, in the detection of leaks in networks where maintenance, management and monitoring tools are used, taking advantage of them to achieve greater efficiency, optimization of resources, improved management and decision-making.

However, in the transition process towards Utility 4.0, we are facing important challenges such as safeguarding long-lived assets, minimizing operational risks, reducing costs, improving operational and energy performance, all with the aim of differentiating ourselves from other companies, etc.

Of the challenges, we highlight the following:

  • Climate change and environmental responsibility: Awareness of climate change and increased use of renewable energy rethinks to conduct operations in a more environmentally friendly way.
  • Security: Strong protection is important to reduce risks related to data availability, privacy and regulatory compliance.
  • Incorporating new technologies: The advent of Smart Grids, electricity distribution networks combined with modern information technologies provide data to both businesses and consumers, which is advantageous for both parties. The data created by this equipment requires new systems for collection, analysis, storage and distribution, hence utilities need to adopt a single, scalable platform to collect information, monitor, and mitigate risks.

The market trend to advance in the above challenges, Utility 4.0, goes through the Digital Twins of the asset network, pursuing:

  • More integrated information management on one platform.
  • Real-time field operational information.
  • Operational and management dashboards.
  • Predictive maintenance of critical infrastructures.
  • Monitoring of signals and devices.
  • Increased useful life of assets.
  • Anticipation of critical situations.
  • Reduction of maintenance and operating costs.
  • Adequate consumption management.
  • Control of carbon emissions.
  • Minimizing the use of energy.

From Ecointegral – IDP Group, as a leading company in digitalization with more than 200 digital twins in operation in Spain, we accompany companies in these sectors in advancing in the digitalization and sustainability challenges described.