Digitally and collaboratively manage your assets with their operators

Digitally and collaboratively manage your assets with their operators

You are the owner of one or more assets and you have a contract with operators or tenants who must comply with maintenance, operation and reform obligations, but you do not know what the operator of your asset does, how he carries out the maintenance, how he does reform works, if he has the certificates, you do not have an objective planning or prioritization of investments … in this case it will be difficult to achieve your objectives and you may lose valuable opportunities

You often face multiple challenges in managing your assets:

  • You have a lack of information and documentation on how the operator is managing the asset, with regard to its contractual obligations.
  • You have a lack of information about the asset, its actual inventory, as well as the status of each element of that asset, investment needs, overdue maintenance needs, obsolescence of inventory elements.
  • You do not have an investment planning with objective criteria to maximize the benefit obtained by such investments.
  • Tenant changes are delayed by the need to review and recondition facilities.

We propose the solution with a simple methodology in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Digitize the asset, inventing it parametrically and geometrically in BIM.
Phase 2: It digitizes the relationship between the parties regarding the contract between them, incorporating in that digitization periodic report information and necessary documentation.
Phase 3: Incorporates all of this into an easily usable, collaborative web platform that allows you to track asset detail, inventory, and inventory item status and easily track contract obligations, in real time, in the cloud.
Phase 4: Defines indexes to objectively plan and prioritize investments based on criteria of health, risk, cost and social-environmental impact of an asset failure.

With all this we intend to optimize the use and operations of the asset:

  • To know and have updated the real inventory of the asset, in real time and in a transparent and collaborative way between both parties.
  • Transparency in the monitoring of the contract between the parties.
  • Reduction of time in making decisions about the asset, reforms, new tenants to the march of the current, market it better and faster, being able to visualize the asset even before it is free.
  • Planning and prioritizing investments in assets, objectifying investments based on business indications.
  • Unify all the information in the DTwin platform, which allows us to move towards the Industry4.0, and allows us to control and monitor the assets in operation through the digital twin.
  • Connect with other management systems such as ERP, CMMS, BMS, for integrated management and business assets.