GIM already has a Digital-BIM Twin

GIM already has a Digital-BIM Twin

Together with TCMAN we have brought BIM to facility management through the DTWIN digital twins integrated in GIM.

We have established a partnership in which two market-leading tools have been integrated: GIM, which is TCMAN’s prestigious and widespread CMMS, and DTWIN, which is our innovative BIM Digital Twin platform.

BIM methodology is increasingly being used for project execution. And it is very important to be able to have the BIM model and its information available in the subsequent phase of asset operation. From this need arises our collaboration that allows to make available to the facility management the BIM models in a very accessible and useful way.

In case you do not have the asset developed in BIM, we help you to digitize it and generate a BIM model of existing assets.

As main functionalities, GIM incorporates in its asset/ESM files a new BIM tab, where the asset is geolocated in the 3D model and can be interacted with.

On the other hand, in the Digital BIM Twin (DTWIN), which is displayed in a web browser, you can browse the model and consult both the information and the GIM parts of any asset.

With these new functionalities, we obtain the following advantages for facility management:

  • Easy and intuitive localization of assets in the 3D model
  • Locate nearby parts and equipment to optimize interventions.
  • Easily identify in the 3D model needs for PPE, access, keys, permissions, etc.
  • Use the 3D model to review the performance status of critical equipment and view its GIM information.
  • Bulk search of assets in the 3D model (example: all luminaires of a type)

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