IDP implants a BIM Modelling standardization for ITS MEP REVIT users

IDP implants a BIM Modelling standardization for ITS MEP REVIT users

The necessity of an intern standardization comes directly from the requirements of working with BIM methodology in an international company like the IDP Group, composed by multiple offices in different countries. In this frame, in order to guarantee success and obtain quality models, it is necessary that all the modelers work on an organized way and under the same directions.

Focused on this goal, IDP has incorporated in the base sheet of the MEP archives some sheets where different established standardization explanations appear so that the user are informed on how he must to work and so that he can access this information on an easy way.

The basis of the standardization basically are centered to establish:

  • The definition of the detail levels. The modelling elements are determined at each level.
  • The geometric parameters and the information of each family according to the detail levels.
  • A strict nomenclature to name all what is relative to the BOM folder.
  • An archive organization structure: subprojects, navigator views, delivery sheets, etc.
  • A sheet with the facility systems and the configured materials.

This new regulation of the working systems allows the BIM models of all projects to be created in the same way independent of the office where the document has been generated of by who is has been generated. Work on a disciplined way and in the same line guarantees that any new user of the program will be able to follow the same established working methodology.