IDP successfully implets the BIMCollab collaborative system in the development of projects

IDP successfully implets the BIMCollab collaborative system in the development of projects

IDP successfully implements a BIM collaborative system in major projects. We can highlight our leadership in the BIM implementation within the Bershka retail chain for the INDITEX group and large infrastructure projects such as the AVO highways for the concession company Américo Vespucio Oriente, S.A. in Chile, among others. Adjusted deadlines and a large volume of modifications at both the project and the construction stage are often a source of problems in the management of the project. If in addition more and more complex collaborations are added, in which a multitude of agents participate, communication becomes unsustainable and keeping track of the latest version is almost impossible.

In the article BCF for the development of BIM projects in collaborative environments we introduced the virtues of the use of the cloud and an information exchange system BCF: BIMCollab and among many other virtues we can summarize:

  1. It is no longer necessary to stop using the design software, waste time on expensive exports. BCF manager integrates into a comprehensive BIM software and allows you to communicate fluently and efficiently.
  2. Not only are the incidents significantly reduced, but we also experience a significant reduction in generated mail. As it was in the case of Inditex.
  3. The data allows you to organize yourself intuitively. The role of the speakers, as well as the editing can be easily managed, allowing degrees of control and editing. Also the graphics provide a very necessary feedback to assess the status of the incidents, the fulfillment of the milestones, distribution among the intervening agents, etc … all in an interface in constant improvement.
  4. All this facilitates that the change management is transparent and fl uid. In addition, the application of filters and the possibility of generating reports at any time allows the report to third parties, thus increasing the traceability of the activity on the platform and, consequently, customer satisfaction that can be monitored at any time. the status of the project.



KUBUS has mentioned our success story with the use of BIMCollab in its testimonials section, reaffirming the success of the premises of the system implemented in IDP, which has not only been limited with the fulfillment of the initial objectives, but has been translated into greater customer satisfaction.