Integration of the circular economy

Integration of the circular economy

The circular economy is a sustainable development strategy that has been proposed to address problems of environmental degradation and scarcity of resources. Its three principles are the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials.

These principles propose a circular system where all materials are recycled, all energy is obtained from renewable sources, the reconstruction of ecosystems and activities to support human health and a healthy society are used to generate value.

One of the problems facing the Circular Economy is that many products are difficult to recycle or disassemble. The designers of today’s products do not take waste management into account and until now, they had no solid reason to create taking into consideration the end of life of their products.

Today the growing demand for consumer goods stemming from the disposable culture and increasing world population, not forgetting that natural resources are limited, pose serious environmental and human problems. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the principles of Circular Economy into the life cycle of products.

Our integration engineering of Circular Economy for waste management and energy recovery provides specialized services for industry, based on the BIM methodology, in all stages of the asset and integrating new processes in complex environments.

Circularity is clearly a very attractive option for the future. However, the actual implementation of the Circular Economy requires facing some important challenges.

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