Minimizes the stops in the operations of your asset, by digitizing and simulating the procedures

Minimizes the stops in the operations of your asset, by digitizing and simulating the procedures

Do you suffer stops in the operations of your asset due to a bad procedure? It can cause you high economic costs, including environmental impact due to uncontrolled dumping or emissions into the atmosphere.
We propose you the solution, with the digitalization of your assets, the key procedures and the guidance in its execution.

You often encounter multiple CHALLENGES in the management of your assets:

  • You suffer from plant stoppages for incorrectly performing a procedure.
  • Environmental and/or safety risks are produced during the execution of a project.
  • You carry out the procedure incorrectly because you do not know sufficiently, on the spot, the actions to be carried out (operation in confined spaces, sequential process, for example line start/stop, voltage connection/disconnection process…).
  • Your staff lacks training, in simulating beforehand what they will have to do in the field and in an interactive guided tour during the execution.

We propose the following solution, based on a simple 4 phase METHODOLOGY:

  • Phase 1: Digitalizes the asset, inventing it parametrically and geometrically in BIM.
  • Phase 2: Builds the simulation application of the procedures for training personnel through simulation.
  • Phase 3: Evaluates the personnel based on the simulation.
  • Phase 4: Assist the personnel interactively during the execution of the procedures.

When you have your asset digitized and parameterized you will have as RESULT:

  • Reduction of the stops of use of the asset with the consequent economic saving.
  • Reduction of possible fines for environmental impacts.
  • You will get a more trained and more involved staff with assistance tools in the execution of critical tasks.
  • Better knowledge of the asset, which will allow you to reduce time in making decisions about the asset, unifying all the information of the asset in a BIM platform, which allows its connection with other management systems such as ERP, CMMS, BMS, etc.

Do you want to minimize the risks in your asset procedures? Contact us and we will help you.