Molecular Recycling Solutions Ecoplant at the Morell Petrochemical Complex (Tarragona)

The Molecular Ecoplant is the first facility in Europe that transforms non-recyclable solid urban waste into methanol, used as a raw material for plastics and advanced biofuels. It has the capacity to process 400,000 tons of non-recyclable urban solid waste and produce around 220,000 tons of methanol per year, helping to avoid the emission of some 200,000 tons of CO2 each year and reducing waste deposited in landfills. It has been one of the seven projects selected by the EU among more than 300 presented (and the only one in Spain) within the framework of the European Innovation Fund call, granting them a grant of 106 million euros for their development.


Hired services:

  • Feedstock provisioning study
  • Feedstock logistics study
  • Integration engineering project in BIM