HYDRODIG project

The HYDRODIG project promotes the production of green hydrogen through dark fermentation from agri-food waste, optimisation and digitalisation of the process. OBJECTIVES HYDRODIG is part of the Cervera R&D technology transfer projects call and arises from the triple need to promote the production of fuels that displace the current dependence on fossil resources, to provide […]


INDUSTR-IA project

The INDUSTR-IA project consists of developing new solutions based on Artificial Intelligence for the efficiency and flexibility of industrial production. OBJECTIVES The INDUSTR-IA project will mark a milestone in the resolution of the challenges that influence the competitiveness of industry, including the energy vector and energy flexibility markets, in order to optimise cost and production […]


HIBRID-E project

The HIBRID -E project consists of the hybridisation of smart energy grids from the components to the system. OBJECTIVES The main objective of HIBRID-E is to strengthen technological capabilities for sustainable energy autonomy, addressing the challenge of generating an innovative technological solution that enables the optimisation, hybridisation, storage and management of grids for the integration […]


RE-WITCH project

The RE-WITCH project consists of the recovery and use of waste heat in industry by means of heat and energy production technologies. OBJECTIVES RE-WITCH aims to offer competitive and revolutionary solutions in the field of sustainable industrial heat and cold generation. To this effect, the project will demonstrate advanced industrial thermal cooling technologies based on […]


HYCOOL-IT project

The HYCOOL-IT project, Hybrid Cool & management fot IT infrastructures, consists of proposing energy solutions for Data Centres. OBJECTIVES HYCOOL-IT aims to propose a comprehensive standardized set of processes, digital tools, and advanced adsorption equipment to achieve thermal management and energy optimization of tertiary buildings with high energy demanding IT rooms. HYCOOL-IT will develop a […]


Herit4Ages project

The Herit4Ages project, “User-centric and data-driven retrofitting solutions for a resilient, energy-efficient, low-emission and inclusive cultural heritage”, with the challenge of improving the performance of heritage buildings while preserving their architectural and cultural identity. OBJECTIVES Herit4Ages, comes from the idea that marriage must be protected, last for centuries and must be able to adapt to […]


MAGNUM Project

The MAGNUM project consists of the development of a Digital Twin platform for the monitoring and optimisation of the water footprint in hotels. OBJECTIVES The MAGNUM project, “A BIM-enabled platform for digital MAnaGemeNt of water footprint in tourism”, aims to design a next generation software ecosystem for sustainable hotel operation through Artificial Intelligence and BIM-based […]

Minethic web


The MINETHIC project promotes the recovery and valorisation of strategic mineral resources for the ecological transition. OBJECTIVES MINTEHIC, “Promoting the recovery and valorisation of strategic mineral resources for the ecological transition”, has the general objective of researching new sources of non-conventional mining raw materials, both industrial and urban, for the Ecological Transition, covering the entire […]



The EDIFICTECH project consists of the development of a new 4.0 technological solution, guaranteeing the Connected and Centralised Management of Building Works, and specifically focused on façade installation works. OBJECTIVES Edifictech, “New technological solution 4.0 for the building sector: Connected and Centralised Management for the installation of façades”, aims to define and develop an advanced […]


AEGIR Project

The AEGIR project consists of the development of systems for the incremental digital and physical renovation of buildings to improve their environmental and energy performance and resource use. OBJECTIVES AEGIR, “Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use”, aims to implement a sustainable digital framework, which drives deep retrofitting by achieving near-zero energy buildings supported by innovative, […]



The DigiCheks project consists of the creation of a digital twin ecosystem for the management of project permits and infrastructure works. OBJECTIVES DigiCheks, “Digital environment for management of permits and compliance in building and construction”, aims to create and demonstrate a new unified environment based on digital technologies that enables interoperability and communication between platforms […]



The SCENARIOS project will develop strategies for health protection, pollution control and elimination of chemicals, PFAS, such as bio-monitoring of the toxicity of drinking water, agricultural subsoil, and groundwater. OBJECTIVES SCENARIOS, “Strategies for health protection, pollution Control and Elimination of Next generAtion Refractive Organic chemicals from the Soil, vadosezone and water”, aims to devise and […]