Chamisero Potable Water Treatment Plant, Colina district, Santiago (Chile)

Chamisero Potable Water Treatment Plant to supply the areas of Chicureo and Chamisero (in the commune of Colina in Santiago de Chile).

  • Flow of 1,000 l/s
  • Preliminary Stage: Catchment works in Batuco canal. Screening (coarse and fine). Pre-chlorination. Raw Water Elevation Plant (PEAC) and Desanding.
  • Primary Stage: Parshall Canal. Rapid mixing chamber and addition of Chloride or Ferric Sulphate. Distribution chamber. Pre-decantation.
  • Secondary Stage: Parshall Trough. Rapid mixing chamber and addition of polymers. Flocculation. High rate decantation.
  • Filtration. Disinfection (bactericidal hypochlorite) and fluoride addition.
  • Dosing rooms and chemical storage rooms.
  • Administration building, control room and water quality sampling.
  • Sludge extraction, dewatering and disposal system


Hired services:

  • Executive project in BIM
  • On-site BIM technical assistance
  • Commissioning of the installation