Cleveland Potash (ICL) salt and potash port terminal at the Port of Middlesbrough

Cleveland Potash (ICL) Port Salt and Potash Terminal in the Port of Middlesbrough (England) contemplating 2 scenarios:

  • Scenario 1MT: 45,000 tn GPoly, SPoly and miniPoly shared warehouse, 20,000 tn external warehouse for Potash +, 30,000 tn shared GMOP and SMOP warehouse and 12,000 tn external salt warehouse.
  • 3MT scenario: Reconfiguration of 1MT scenario warehouses and new warehouses according to (30,000 tn Potash +, 30,000 tn SPoly, 30,000 tn SMOP and external warehouse of 12,000 tn of Salt.


Hired services:

  • Master Plan in BIM