Environmental Center of the Pamplona Region in Noain-Valle de Elorz (Navarra)

Pamplona District Environmental Centre located in Noáin-Valle de Elorz, comprising a mechanical treatment plant for the REMAIN and Packaging fractions, a biological treatment plant for organic matter and a plant for the treatment of wood, as well as other facilities for the use of biogas in the form of biomethane and for the supply of CNG; energy use facilities (photovoltaic panels) and a new building for the lorries and vehicles of the waste collection service.

  • Builded surface : 54,202 m2
  • Plot area: 107,142 m2
  • Composition: CH4: 55% vol. CO2: 45% vol. with traces of H2S
  • Treatment capacity for WASTE and packaging 65,000 t/year
  • Biological treatment capacity for organic material 65,000 t/year
  • Wood treatment capacity 6,500 t/year 6,500 t/year
  • Biogas production capacity 6,885,000 Nm3/year (approx. 785 Nm3/h)


Hired services:

  • Technical assistance for the evaluation of bids
  • Technical assistance to the management of the drafting of the project
  • Technical assistance to the site management
  • Technical assistance for the start-up of the Center