Geoalcali (Highfield Resources) potash hangar (GMOP and SMOP) in Navarra/Aragón

Potash hangars (GMOP and SMOP) of Geoalcali (Highfield Resources) in Mina Muga within the municipalities of Undués de Lerda and Urriés (Aragón) and Sangüesa y Javier (Navarra). Characteristics of each:

  • Buided surface 3,400 m2
  • Storage capacity up to 22,000 tons
  • Material input of up to 65 tn/h in F1 and 130 tn/h in F2
  • Material extraction of 300 tn/h
  • Free internal section of up to 48 meters and open space thanks to the combination of external metal structure and self-supporting covers


Hired services:

  • Basic project in BIM
  • Executive project in BIM