HYDRODIG project

The HYDRODIG project promotes the production of green hydrogen through dark fermentation from agri-food waste, optimisation and digitalisation of the process.


HYDRODIG is part of the Cervera R&D technology transfer projects call and arises from the triple need to promote the production of fuels that displace the current dependence on fossil resources, to provide a sustainable alternative to waste management in the dairy and agri-food sector by transforming it into a high-value product and, finally, to promote the digital transformation of the agri-food sector as an element of competitive promotion.

The general objective of the project is to research and develop a system for the biological production of green hydrogen (green H2) based on dark fermentation (DF) technology, using waste generated in the dairy and agri-food sector as raw material and integrating digitalisation tools based on the concept of DG. HYDRODIG aims to research and design a system for the production of green H2 by FO using dairy waste as raw material. This system will make it possible to propose an alternative technology for the production of green or renewable H2, which also constitutes a way of managing dairy waste, seeking to maximise the efficiency of the process and also contributing to the digital transformation of the industry.

The HYDRODIG project solution will provide a sustainable alternative for waste recovery through the production of a high-value, clean-burning, CO2-free biofuel with a variety of applications in a process that will be supported by digital tools that will contribute to the transformation of the agri-food sector.

Indutec-IDP Group participates in the project with the promotion of the production of green H2 and the competitiveness of the industrial agri-food sector through the research of a green H2 production technology as an alternative to the most widespread, the electrolysis of water. The incorporation of digital tools will also contribute to the competitiveness of the sector, which will be able to incorporate DG not only in the FO process, but also to consider this tool for its application in the whole of its production system.


This project has been funded by the European Commission under the Grant Agreement Ref. IDI-20230982