Organic Matter Treatment Plant in the Valdemingómez Technology Park (Madrid)

Organic Matter Treatment Plant at the Valdemingómez Technology Park (Madrid) consisting of facilities with the capacity to treat waste with a very wide range of composition (variations in the composition of waste due to seasonality, improvement of the selective collection system, or due to changes in the habits and standard of living of citizens). The composting hall consists of two reactors of SCTE technology with dimensions 112.5 ml long x 26.00 ml wide and the refining plant consists of a trommel, densimetric table and subsequent unloading into a trench for sale.

  • Builded surface: 22,018 m2
  • Plot area: 1,095,918 m2
  • Treatment capacity 102,490 t/year
  • Composting capacity 100,000 t/year
  • Treatment capacity of FORM fraction 82,490 t/year
  • Treatment capacity plant fraction 20,000 t/year


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