The Hypergryd project aims to develop a set of cost-effective, replicable and scalable technical solutions to enable the integration of renewable energy source (RES) technologies into thermal grids and their linkage to electricity grids. OBJECTIVES HYPERGRID, “Hybrid coupled networks for thermal-electric integrated smart energy Districts”, aims to develop a set of cost-effective, replicable and scalable […]



The CircThread project, “Building the Digital Thread for Circular Economy Product, Resource & Service Management” based on the circular economy of products and resources. OBJECTIVES CircThread’s main objective is to unlock access to product data and leverage it as information for decision making by all actors involved in the product life cycle, accelerating circularity and […]


HYBRIS Project

HYBRIS project will develop a hybrid battery energy storage system for microgrid applications. OBJECTIVES HYBRIS, “Hybrid Battery energy storage system for applications in advanced grid and beHInd-de-meter systems segments”, aims at optimising systems as highly efficient, economical and sustainable hybrid solutions in micro-grid applications. The project presents a fully systematic, collaborative and integrated approach for […]



Project ACROPOLIS will develop a system for the classification of ponds against potential risks, combining GIS and Machine Learning technologies. OBJECTIVES ACROPOLIS, “Classification of ponds against potential risk combining GIS and Machine Learning”, aims to build an aid system for the classification of ponds according to potential risk. The system will optimise various processes using […]



The WISE-INSPECT project will develop a system for the inspection of groundwater and inland water infrastructures using autonomous drones. OBJECTIVES WISE-INSPECT, “Water InfraStructurE automatic INSPECTion”, aims to develop a system that can reduce human intervention in the inspection process of groundwater and inland water infrastructure (supply, storage and sewerage systems) through the use of autonomous […]


BIM2TWIN Project

The BIM2TWIN Project will develop a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform to manage construction processes. OBJECTIVES BIM2TWIN, “Optimal Construction Management & Production Control”, aims to build a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform for construction management that implements LEAN principles to optimise its processes, shortening lead times, reducing costs, improving quality and safety, and reducing the […]


STEFAN Project

The STEFAN project will develop Tribological Solutions (friction, wear and lubrication) in the Railway Sector, to advance in its predictive maintenance. OBJECTIVES Stefan, “Tribological Solutions in the Railway Sector”, aims to foster the development of new technological solutions in the field of materials, tribology and ICTs to address problems that directly affect the performance and […]


SAIMIS Project

The SAIMIS project will develop an automated system based on drones and technological tools for the inspection of underground infrastructures. OBJECTIVES The SAIMIS project aims to design, develop and implement an automated system based on drones and technological tools for the inspection of underground infrastructures. The general objective is the design and development of a […]


PISCIA Project

The PISCIA project will develop a platform for interoperating water cycle services (GeoBim Digital Twin). OBJECTIVES The PISCIA project is a water cycle services interoperability platform, the main objective of which is to develop an experimental prototype of a BIM environment for the water sector capable of integrating, orchestrating and offering new water management services […]


SPHERE Project

The SPHERE project provides a BIM-based Digital Twin platform to optimise the life cycle of buildings, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. OBJECTIVES SPHERE proposes the improvement and optimisation of building design, construction and energy performance, and management, reducing construction costs and environmental impact while increasing overall energy performance. This Digital Twin concept is in […]


HYCOOL Project

The HyCool project aims to improve industrial cooling through a hybrid system based on extreme heat. OBJECTIVES Hycool, “Industrial cooling through a hybrid system based on extreme heat”, aims to increase the current use of solar heat in industrial processes by coupling a new CSP Fresnel solar thermal collector (FCSP) with specially constructed hybrid heat […]



The HOUSEFUL project proposes innovative circular solutions and services for the housing sector. OBJECTIVES Houseful proposes an innovative paradigm shift towards a circular economy for the housing sector by demonstrating the feasibility of an integrated systemic service composed of 11 circular solutions. HOUSEFUL will introduce solutions to make resources more efficient throughout the life cycle […]