STEFAN Project

The STEFAN project will develop Tribological Solutions (friction, wear and lubrication) in the Railway Sector, to advance in its predictive maintenance.


Stefan, “Tribological Solutions in the Railway Sector”, aims to foster the development of new technological solutions in the field of materials, tribology and ICTs to address problems that directly affect the performance and durability of operators’ rolling stock and railway tracks.

IDP is leading the project and will be in charge of the development of the BIM-GIS modelling with the aim of centralising all the project information in a digital information model that each of the different agents involved will be able to access.

Stefan is considered a CIEN Strategic Project by the Board of Directors of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology CDTI of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.



This project has been funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement Ref. IDI-20200305