Suez Biofactory (thermal drying and sludge gasification) in PTAS Trebal Mapocho (Chile)

Project for the implementation of low-temperature thermal drying lines for urban sludge and energy recovery through advanced synthesis gasification technologies at the Trebal Mapocho WWTP (Chile).

  • Thermal sludge drying (hourly capacity): 23.99 tn/h/line (2 lines)
  • Dry sludge gasification: 7.46 tn/h (total in 3 pyrolysers)
  • Cogeneration by syngas in engines at 100% load and 92.5% load: 6,256 MWeh; 5,386 Mweh
  • Combustion of syngas: 15.75 MWth
  • Conveying and peripherals for the sludge drying system and for the gasification system
  • Odour treatment system in the thermal sludge drying system


Hired services:

  • Basic project in BIM
  • Constructive project in BIM