The WISE-INSPECT project will develop a system for the inspection of groundwater and inland water infrastructures using autonomous drones.


WISE-INSPECT, “Water InfraStructurE automatic INSPECTion”, aims to develop a system that can reduce human intervention in the inspection process of groundwater and inland water infrastructure (supply, storage and sewerage systems) through the use of autonomous flying robots (Drones).

Autonomous drones are able to increase the throughput of the inspection process of the water supply and storage system, which is characterised by long and narrow distribution channels (60 – 300 cm) and reinforced concrete tanks that are difficult to access, and generate digital models that can be assessed from a structural point of view, integrating appropriate detection capabilities and damage detection algorithms.

IDP will lead the development of a digital asset management tool based on an open BIM-GIS platform.

WISE-INSPECT is part of the Technology Transfer Experiments (TTE) call of the RIMA Project (Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance).



This project has received funding through RIMA Project, which is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement Nº 824990