The Digital Twin for digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry

The Digital Twin for digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry

The digital revolution has impacted all areas of our society and is rapidly changing the needs of individuals and businesses and, with them, the economic and industrial reality known to date.

This scenario poses new opportunities in all areas, however, digital penetration in the pharmaceutical sector is lower compared to other sectors. The pharmaceutical industry is subject to a high number of regulations, external standards and very restrictive internal self-regulatory systems that make it difficult to adopt new trends.

Despite the barriers it faces, the pharmaceutical industry has always been a benchmark in R&D&I and is responsible for many of the major advances in science. In this sense, many companies have already begun their digital transformation with the aim of adapting to the new needs of the market and their customers.

The Digital Twin is a unique opportunity to reinvent the pharmaceutical sector.

The Digital Twin is a faithful representation of a physical asset, at the level of data and geometry, which incorporates the data of the real behaviour of the asset from the information of sensors and different operation and maintenance databases, capable of integrating and digitizing the entire value chain.

This perfect digital copy allows companies to perform simulations, tests and optimizations in a completely virtual environment and, therefore, allows a more efficient management of those assets.

Our proposal for the creation of the Digital Twin of the asset and its processes consists of the following elements:

  • We model the asset, from the building, the facilities and even the equipment.
  • We link the information from existing operation and maintenance tools, such as maintenance CMMS, operation SCADA and security ORP.
  • We incorporate the signals of the operations directly from the existing sensorization in-situ, or we install new sensors (IOT).
  • All this is integrated into a platform located in the cloud and with collaborative web access, as a manager of the information to transform it into value, for which we build the dashboards and alerts that facilitate the interpretation of such data
  • And finally, for a period of approximately 3 months, we accompany the client in the use of the digital cufflink.

The benefits that we obtain with the construction of the Digital Twin are the following

  • Interoperability of data with its geometry (georeferencing all data)
  • Digitization of all processes and therefore integrity of all asset information, from design and construction to operation.
  • Provision of real data with which to create dashboards and alerts for decision making, in addition to implementing AI algorithms for simulation and prediction.
  • Having models of the asset in virtual reality and augmented reality, either for dissemination, as well as for training in operation and security.
  • Reducing operating costs and therefore improving Ebitda.

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