We celebrate International Women’s Day 2024

We celebrate International Women’s Day 2024

Today, March 8, 2024, we join the celebration organized by UN Women and the United Nations for International Women’s Day, this year under the theme “Investing in Women, Accelerating Progress”.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (1), the unemployment rate for women in 2022 reached 14.8% and 11.3% for men, revealing a gender gap of 3.5%. Likewise, the Women’s Institute of the Ministry of Equality of the Spanish government (2) published in its October 2023 report that women continue to be the main applicants for leave of absence to care for others, in particular 88% for childcare and 79% for caring for family members. In education, 56% of university students are women; however, they continue to be a minority in STEM disciplines, representing only 37% of graduates.

The gender gap in Spain, reflected in unemployment, family care and education, among others, highlights the need to address these inequalities in a comprehensive manner to achieve a more equitable society.

At IDP Group, we believe in the value of people and are committed to gender equality, diversity and talent development. Although our percentage of female representation in the workforce, which currently stands at 29.87%, is substantially higher than the sector average of 20%, reflected in the study of the Spanish Engineering Observatory 2022 (3), there is still a long way to go and it is necessary to continue working daily to build an environment without inequalities or any type of discrimination.

To commemorate this day, we want to give voice to some of the women who are part of our team and know the advice they would give to the girls they once were, and that can surely be an inspiration for young women who today have to take the reins of their future.

Let’s see their advice!


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