The IDP Engineering Group consolidates at the Brazilian market

The IDP Engineering Group consolidates at the Brazilian market

The IDP engineering group invests in its physical infrastructure and human resources expansion at the Brazilian market, including a new office in Belém, Pará State, and changing the Florianópolis headquarters to a new one for Koerich Beiramar Office building, with a three times larger office space.

The new offices incorporate the latest technologies, highlighting the new CPD infrastructure, the application of the environment virtualizing, the VPN transmissions encryption, meeting rooms with high definition videoconference systems, collaborative projects platforms and BIM applications. All this allows the interaction and collaborative work between the groups offices in Spain, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Ecuador, allowing to continuate the companies international expansion.

With a structure that counts with over 50 engineers, architects, building technicians and specialist, IDP Brazil, positions as a leading company in the engineering, architecture and environment projects segment by using BIM technology, that allows thru a three dimensions digital model the compatibility between different projects, the budget accuracy, the right work planning, the risk reduction for its clients and the project profitability.

IDP Brazil is consolidating the Brazilian market by a strong growth supported on fundamental client values: own team and totally integrated by engineers, architects and specialists, international experience based on innovative solutions, BIM technology, and a strong culture based on looking for the quality and efficiency on the company’s projects.

With this unique service proposal, IDP reinforces its position on Brazil, improving the territory cover and service quality, developing projects in all the companies working areas: environment, logistics, roads, ports, industrial plants, universities, business parks, urban development, etc.