Environmental Center of the Pamplona Region (Navarra) – Biomethane Production Plant

Pamplona District Environmental Centre located in Noáin-Valle de Elorz, comprising a mechanical treatment plant for the REMAIN and Packaging fractions, a biological treatment plant for organic matter and a plant for the treatment of wood, as well as other facilities for the use of biogas in the form of biomethane and for the supply of CNFs.
The biogas obtained in the anaerobic digestion stage will be recovered in the form of biomethane production of sufficient quality to be injected into the natural gas grid. The nominal flow rate of biomethane injected into the network is 490 Nm3/h, although the injection module has been designed with a margin of 20%, i.e. for an evacuation flow rate of 587.5 Nm3/h.

  • Biogas production: 6,885,000 Nm3/year (approx. 785 Nm3/h) with a membrane upgrading process
  • Composition: CH4: 55% vol. CO2: 45% vol. with traces of H2S
  • Capac. REMAIN and Packaging treatment plant 65,000 t/year
  • Capac. Organic matter treatment plant 65,000 t/year
  • Capac. wood processing plant 6,500 t/year


Hired services:

  • Technical assistance for the evaluation of bids
  • Technical assistance to the management of the drafting of the project
  • Technical assistance to the site management
  • Technical assistance for the start-up of the Centre