BonÀrea Potable Water Treatment Plant in Épila (Zaragoza)

Potable Water Treatment Station of the BonÀrea Agrifood Park in Épila (Zaragoza)

  • Design flow 10,000 m3/day and an annual maximum of 3.4 Hm3/year
  • Treatment line: Pre-chlorination of pumped water with dosing of chlorine dioxide solution. Coagulation of the waters. water flocculation. Clarification of the water from the sludge formed. Accumulation of clarified water that may incorporate some non-sedimented colloid at this point. Dosage of sodium hypochlorite in the fall of clarified water based on the content of ammoniacal nitrogen for its destruction. Water pumping to filtration system (silex bed and activated carbon bed). Accumulation and pumping


Hired services:

  • Basic project in BIM