DTwin of the Biofactory (thermal drying and sludge gasification) at the PTAS La Farfana (Chile)

Digital Twin of the urban sludge thermal drying lines at low temperature and energy recovery using advanced synthesis gas gasification technologies of the PTAS La Farfana (Chile) for virtual training

  • Thermal drying of sludge (hourly capacity): 24,10 tons/h/line (2 lines)
  • Dry sludge gasification: 6,67 tn/h (total in 3 pyrolyzers)
  • Syngas cogeneration in engines at 100% load and 89,5% load: 5,192 MWh; 4,44 Mweh
  • Syngas combustion: 13,56 MWth
  • Odor treatment system in thermal sludge drying


Hired services:

  • 3D BIM “as built” model of the plant
  • VR virtual reality environment