Ibepotash salt and potash port terminal (ICL) at the Port of Barcelona

Iberpotash (ICL) port terminal for salts and potash in the Port of Barcelona.

  • Terminal area: 81,400 m2
  • 2 warehouses with a total surface area of ​​36,950 m2 and an interior free section of 60 and 50 m of span, with a capacity for 220,000 tons of product. Corporate office building
  • 2.7 kilometers of conveyor belts
  • An inland railway terminal, with 4 tracks of 450 meters in metric width, which will allow simultaneously unloading 2 trains of 24 hopper cars
  • Berth with a draft of 14 m, provided with 2 ship loaders that will allow the simultaneous loading of 70,000 tons (Panamax model) and at the same time a second ship of 30,000 tons


Hired services:

  • Basic and executive project in BIM
  • Technical assistance of work + Start up