INDUSTR-IA project

The INDUSTR-IA project consists of developing new solutions based on Artificial Intelligence for the efficiency and flexibility of industrial production.


The INDUSTR-IA project will mark a milestone in the resolution of the challenges that influence the competitiveness of industry, including the energy vector and energy flexibility markets, in order to optimise cost and production efficiency. To this end, new Artificial Intelligence models will be explored, which are intended to be generic models for global solutions, such as IT technological frameworks. At the same time, it is committed to obtaining maximum acceptance through explainable and simple Artificial Intelligence, together with the added value of accessible simulation tools such as digital twins.

INDUSTR-IA’s overall objective is to investigate in the area of production systems organisation to develop a series of innovative digital solutions based on Artificial Intelligence technologies for prediction, namely by researching and developing an operational decision support solution using real-time information and AI to improve production efficiency, namely holistic IoT-technology integration, in industrial use cases, through new AI investigations of real-time dynamic re-sequencing, predictive maintenance, zero-defect manufacturing, digital twins and efficient energy management.

Ecointegral-Grupo IDP participates in the project leading work package 2 on Digital Twin Software Design, to develop and provide an intelligent digital twin web platform adapted to the manufacturing industry that allows a virtual representation of production systems, simulations based on algorithms developed by the UPC and integration with energy management and manufacturing execution systems (OE2).



This project has been funded by the European Commission under the Grant Agreement Ref. MIG-20232016