Oncology clinic of the Park of the II-E group of Auna Salud in Lima (Peru)

Oncology Clinic of the Park of group II-E Oncology Specialty of AUNA Salud in Lima

  • Builded surface 59,450 m2 (17 floors)
  • Number of beds: 168 hospital beds, 24 ICU beds, 18 neonatal cots and 24 observation romos
  • Functional units: Pharmacy, Clinical Pathology, Blood Bank, Radiotherapy, Central Gas, Laundry, Environmental Health, Emergency, Diagnostic Imaging, Sampling (Clinical Pathology), Outpatient Consultations, Oncological Procedures for Women, Chemotherapy, Operating Rooms, Surgical Center Recovery, Intensive Care, Medical Comfort, Nursing Comfort, Administration, Nutrition and Dietetics.


Hired services:

  • Basic project in BIM