PISCIA Project

The PISCIA project will develop a platform for interoperating water cycle services (GeoBim Digital Twin).


The PISCIA project is a water cycle services interoperability platform, the main objective of which is to develop an experimental prototype of a BIM environment for the water sector capable of integrating, orchestrating and offering new water management services to operational and strategic decision-makers.

This prototype will allow the interconnection, management and intelligent orchestration of tools, systems, applications and existing devices not only in the water infrastructure but also in other services offered to citizens (energy, health, banking, etc.). The implementation and use of open standards at the process level will maximise interoperability (syntactic and semantic), homogenise the exchange of information and allow new events to be derived based on the information exchanged, taking a step forward towards cross-domain interoperability.



Promote technological development, innovation and quality research RTC-2017-6514-5