IDP carries out the improvement project for the C-35 road bridge in Sant Celoni

IDP carries out the improvement project for the C-35 road bridge in Sant Celoni

The consortium formed by the engineering companies FHECOR and IDP has been chosen by Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya, in order to carry out the technical assistance for the writing of the constructive Project to improve the bridge, structure and pedestrian walkway over the road C-35 in Sant Celoni (Barcelona).

The project consists in the expansion and integral refurbishment of the bridge over the Perfegàs riera (river affluent), reinforcing its main structure and foundations and defining a new walkway for pedestrians and cyclists over the road C-35, with a minimum transverse section that can obtain a road 5,00m wide.

With these actions, the pedestrian-flow problems between Sant Celoni City centre, the industrial cluster Molí de les Planes and the southern part of Pertegàs will be eased.

The contracted services will be carried out through BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology which allows designing, planning, organising and managing the digital construction of the project and later Works, integrating all the information in a single model parameterized in 7 dimensions, completely eliminating the mistakes due to clashes, ensuring the documentary coherence of all the file and guaranteeing the fulfilment of the demands regarding the Schedule and costs.

The IDP engineering Group consolidates its experience in the field of infrastructures, where it’s nowadays developing a considerable number of national and international projects.