IDP completes the strategic consultancy for the Integral Urban Solid Waste Management in Mexico

IDP completes the strategic consultancy for the Integral Urban Solid Waste Management in Mexico
IDP has received again the firmly trust from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and Mexico’s Secretary of Environment and Natural (SEMARNAT) by getting awarded with the contract to complete the strategic consultancy to advise, guide and join different municipalities in six Mexican states during the formation process of the Operating Organisms (OO’s) for the integrated management of the Solid Urban Waste in Mexico.
The main goal of this consultancy is to lay the foundations for the formation of at least five Operating Organisms that will manage the Urban Solid Waste in different municipalities in the states of Oaxaca (3,8 M. inhabitants), Veracruz (7,7 M. inhabitants), Querétaro (1,8 M. inhabitants),  Zacatecas (1,5 M. inhabitants), Baja California (3,2 M. inhabitants) & Mexico DF (8,9 M. inhabitants) with the aim to reinforce the institutional scheme and professionalize the sector and so contribute to the Integrated Urban Solid Waste Management (GIRSU) in Mexico.
The scope of the works to be carried out by IDP englobe the following activities: 
  • Integrate the legal, organizational, operative and business plan structure for the formation of the GIRSU OO’s.
  • International and national experiences exchange workshop.
  • Escorting for the creation and implementation of the OO under the determined model and guide specifying and documenting the experiences.  
  • Development of an informatics tool for the self-evaluation of the susceptible to create a GIRSU OO municipalities.
With this performance IDP increases its experience in projects developed in Mexico in the field of the solid waste management and treatment and consolidates as a specialized consultancy company in environmental projects on Latin America and the Caribbean where IDP currently carries out projects in other countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Guyana, Nicaragua & Trinidad & Tobago.