Damm industrial wastewater treatment plant in El Puig de Santa Maria (Valencia)

Digital Twin of the industrial wastewater treatment plant at the production facilities of the Damm brewery group in El Puig de Santa Maria (Valencia) to digitalise the operation, maintenance and safety tasks.

  • Design flow 4,000 m3/day
  • Treatment line consisting of: Pre-treatment. Reagent conditioning. Anaerobic treatment IC + UASB. Aerobic treatment. Secondary treatment. Lamellar settling. Tertiary treatment. Sludge dewatering. Biogas line


Hired services:

  • Digitalization of the plant (laser scanner + parametric 3D BIM model)
  • Digitalization of O&M databases
  • Integration of the 3D BIM model with the O&M databases
  • Implementation of the DI Twin application for the digital operation of the plant