HYCOOL Project

The HyCool project aims to improve industrial cooling through a hybrid system based on extreme heat.


Hycool, “Industrial cooling through a hybrid system based on extreme heat”, aims to increase the current use of solar heat in industrial processes by coupling a new CSP Fresnel solar thermal collector (FCSP) with specially constructed hybrid heat pumps (HHP) (a “two-in-one” combination of adsorption heat pumps and compressor-based heat pumps).

The two main features of the HyCool system are Flexibility and Efficiency and will allow different strategies for a technically and economically viable system. During the Capital Expenditure phase, simplicity will be oriented towards the search for ease in optimising the design configuration, modular construction and ITS (Intelligent Trainnig System) for commissioning. During the Operational Expenditure phase, the optimal balance between Flexibility and Operational Efficiency of the HyCool System will be geared towards maximising the profitability of HyCool in each individual case.

Hycool is an innovation action for the competitive low carbon energy call under the Horizon 2020 (H2020) framework programme.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 programme under Grant Agreement Nº 792073