Iberpotash (ICL) salt and potash port terminal at the Port of Tarragona

Iberpotash (ICL) port terminal for salts and potash (ICL) in the Port of Tarragona

  • 2 warehouses with a storage capacity of 145,000 tons, and a free interior section of up to 42 meters
  • 2-way railway unloading terminal capable of receiving potash and / or salts simultaneously. Tracks for train compositions of up to 20 wagons (metric / UIC gauge). Compositions made up of a series 254 locomotive and 20 series 62,000 hopper cars.
  • Berth with 14 m draft, provided with 1 shiploader for the load of 70,000 tons (Panamax model)
  • Road terminal for truck unloading sized for 10 trailers / hour with 25T capacity. Buffer of 13 trailers prior to download


Hired ervices:

  • Basic project in BIM