IDP is awarded with the engineering projects in three state roads in Santa Catarina (Brazil)

IDP is awarded with the engineering projects in three state roads in Santa Catarina (Brazil)

The State Department of Infrastructure (DEINFRA) of the State Government of Santa Catarina (Brazil) relies again on IDP Engineering Group and awards three civil engineering contracts to develop projects on three highways in the state of Santa Catarina.

In particular, the contracted works consist in:

  • Road link project on highway SC-301, in the stretch between BR-280 (for Rio Negrinho) – São Bento do Sul (West Access) and a footbridge, with an extension of 600 m.
  • Containment project for the landslide that took place at the km 253,25 of the route SC-110 in the section Vidal Ramos – Ituporanga.
  • Project of the footbridge on the road SC-157, section Entr. (via Quilombo) – Entr. South SC 482, in the municipality of Quilombo with an extension of 180 m.

These new contracts add up to those previously contracted by DEINFRA for the treatment of critical points and of mitigation of environmental liabilities of 9 state highways (A101F, SC-108, SC-390, SC-435, SC-437, SC-443, SC -445, SC-446, SC-447); The embankment’s landslide containment project in the Km 454 section of the Orleans-Pedras Grandes SC-390 road and the project for the paving of the access to the Santa Marta Lighthouse of 2.4 km in length in the municipality of Laguna.

The projects will be carried out in full through “Building Information Modelling” BIM technology and will contribute in providing a logistics infrastructure in accordance with the mobility and road transport improvement needs of the region, reducing transport costs and improving mobility, in addition to providing a road infrastructure under the premise of road safety for both vehicles and pedestrians and reducing traffic accidents.

IDP Engineering Group consolidates its experience in the development of infrastructure projects through the use of BIM technology and is currently developing a considerable number of road and highway projects in several Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, etc.